Curt’s Quirky (but good!) Neuroscience-related Movies!!

Posted by Curt Kinghorn on May 5, 2017 3:25:28 PM

Neuroscience touches all aspects of our lives, often in unusual ways!  Consequently, it is no surprise that there are many movies that have neuroscience-related themes.  Here are my reviews of a couple of such “quirky” movies (that I highly recommend!).  I have included icons to help you know where you can find these movies:

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La Moustache (French with English subtitles (2005))

Imagine that you cut off your mustache and nobody noticed! What’s worse, imagine that your spouse claims you never had a mustache at all! Have you… or they… lost your mind?? This clever story has flashbacks… or flashforwards… that may or may not have happened. The surprise ending will have you scratching your head to figure out what’s really going on!

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Rashomon (Japanese with English subtitles (1950))

This movie is generally regarded as one of the best movies ever made! I agree!! It is the story of four people’s recounting of a rape and murder in medieval Japan. (Don’t worry, there’s nothing graphic!) Each person’s account differs from the others. Who is telling the truth? How are their versions colored by their self-interest? What role does morality play in the lives of the protagonists and their view of events?

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

What if you could erase your memory of an unpleasant breakup? Would you want to? What would be the consequences? How do experiences, good and bad, make us who we are? These are the issues that Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet’s’s characters explore in this 2004 movie.  Very interesting premise!

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Metropolis (Silent with English subtitles (1927))

This 1927 movie portrays a futuristic world where the “haves” live in indulgent luxury while the “have-nots” live underground in mundane and monotonous drudgery and toil! The son of the leading citizen falls in love with a working-class heroine and a “revolution” ensues. Besides an interesting storyline, you should see this movie because of the amazing pre-digital special effects!

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Inception/Dreamscape/A Nightmare on Elm Street

I’m normally not someone that likes scary or horror movies. But somehow, the premise that a “bad guy” could get into my dreams and mess with me scares the *&% out of me!! That’s the premise of all three of these movies. Both Dreamscape and A Nightmare on Elm Street came out in 1984, Dreamscape first by a few months.  (What was going on in 1984??!!) In Dreamscape, “bad guys” get into the dreams of the President of the United States and try to kill him! A “good guy” has to go in and rescue the President.  The nightmare that starts with the “good guy” taking the President down a rickety stairway is first-rate nightmare material!  In A Nightmare on Elm Street, the infamous Freddy Krueger seeks revenge on a bunch of teenagers by killing them through their dreams! No wonder they don’t want to fall sleep! …. and Freddy Krueger is pretty scary! The 2010 movie Inception took the concept a step further.  The characters go into the dreams of their targets to steal information or plant ideas.  But, they also go one step further, going into the dreams that their targets dream while dreaming! Soon it is hard to keep track of what is reality and what is dream! It may sound confusing, but it makes for a pretty good movie. I highly recommend it!

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